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February 16, 2013



The simple html file format that Tracker 2000 produces is perfect for posting hundreds of designs. I am using Microsoft Word for the index files and it certainly enjoys using a lot of space so I am trying to limit my use of it. As a result some of my indexes contain back-slashes instead of forward slashes and some browsers can’t deal with them. I try to remember to replace them, but sometimes I forget. My design pages may have broken links because of my hand editing.


Not all these designs are mine. I hope I have given proper credit to everyone who has contributed to this page, but I am sure I have missed some. I have been drawing and collecting for two years and I haven’t always noted where I got some plans. Hopefully from now on I will keep better records J


All these layouts were produced with, or reproduced with, Tracker 2000.


Most of the layouts are designed in Scalextric Classic. Sport track is the same size so they are easy to convert. Some Carrera, Ninco, Artin, and Revell layouts are noted and mixed in with all the Scalextric designs.


Tracker 2000 files are all text. You can view and modify any of the files using any text editor. You can Find & Replace part numbers, if you want to convert from Classic to Sport, for example. Here is a cross-reference part number table.


Here is a chart to identify Sport track parts you have by the letter printed on them. Scalextric Letter Codes. Thanks to Randy Piscione, aka keysandslots.


Gordo Bond 007 made this neat spreadsheet pertaining to Fly Classic Cars.


Find a free Excel viewer from Microsoft here.


Scalextric Sport Digital is coming! I have redesigned my current layout, The Rabbit, to include a few lane-changer pieces. SSD Rabbit.



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Layouts are designed in Scalextric Classic unless otherwise noted.

Select an index on this page to have the designs are sorted according to length, width, or World Tracks.

Click on a sample image on that index page to bring you to an index containing all the designs for that maximum table length.

Clicking an image on that index page will load the page that Tracker 2000 produces with a parts list, lane lengths, and assembly instructions.

Click on that page heading to download a zip file containing the same html instructions you are viewing and a Tracker 2000 file.

Search This Site

Thanks to you are now able to search this site. Use the naming convention I have listed below. You can search for Artin, Carrera, Ninco, or any other brand. I don’t recommend searching for SCX or Sport as most of these plans won’t be found because of the naming convention.

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Naming Convention

Layouts are given a name followed by table size, longest side first (rounded up) and then the shortest lane length (rounded down). If other than a 2-lane design the lane length will be followed by the number of lanes.

If the track is not SCX or Sport track the size is followed by the track brand.

An example:

·        elkhart_lake_16x8_64 is a Scalextric 2 lane track that will fit on a 16 X 8 foot table and has two lanes, the shortest of which is 64 feet.

·        elkhart_lake_16x8_66 is a variation which adds two more feet of lane length.

Other examples:

·        petite_lemans_18x9_70_ninco is a 70 foot 2 lane Ninco track.

·        petite_lemans_18x9_67_sport is an 67 foot 2 lane design for Sport.

·        petite_lemans_16x8_62x4_sport is a 4 lane Sport track with 62 foot lane lengths


I use Tracker 2000 to draw these plans. T2K can produce an HTML page of instructions to build a design and I use it for all of the design pages. Thanks to Edwin Dorré for writing Tracker 2000.

I use SlotRace Manager 2 in DOS with an old laptop PC to time my laps. I use MS-DOS batch files to exchange data with my Windows PC. toflop.bat copies the data on the hard drive to a floppy, fromflop.bat copies the data from the floppy to the hard drive. Right click these links and ‘Save target as…’ to your SRM drawer on your Windows computer. Copy them to your exchange floppy and then to the SRM drawer on the DOS machine so you won’t have to type a path. From your lap-timing DOS computer type ‘fromflop’ or ‘toflop’ to run them. On your Windows machine they will run with a double-click. The SRM drawer must be named C:SRM in all cases.

My favorite place to learn about slot cars is Slot Car Illustrated. I post on the Message Board at SCI when I get a chance.

Ken McClellan has been kind enough to save many of my designs at SCI in Slotict’s Layout Archive J

Be sure to visit my friend Dennis David’s Grand Prix History site.

For good information on electrical and electronics for slot car tracks see my friend Brent’s site. Carlson’s Slot Cars.

I have to mention Al Penrose as he is a true slot car aficionado. He makes the best wheels on Earth. BWA Slotcars.

For the best slot-car links page I have ever seen go to the Oxford Scalextric Club.

A good site to learn about building, especially wiring, a slot car track is Steve Sawtelle’s SlotCarCorner.

I started a Photobucket account. Adding pictures as I can…

I could spend hours here:               Motor Racing Circuits Database

I have been making buildings from designs I have found at Carrera4Fun.

Here are pictures of my Paper Buildings. There is also the start of a How-I-Did-It.



Using components from Professor Motor I built a stand-alone power and control center.


Read How-I-Did-it


Slot Car Speeds - A small Windows program I wrote in PureBasic.



See my Coding Page for more of my programs.


Thank you for looking!



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