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Engine Speeds is a Windows program that allows the user to experiment with gear ratios and tire sizes. Engine Speeds calculates the engine speeds at various vehicle speeds for various gearing and tire sizes.


Engine Speeds allows the user to input factors that determine the theoretical top speed of a vehicle. Engine Speeds produces a chart that displays the engine speed in each gear from minimum to the maximum road speed in that gear.


Engine Speeds expects the user to input minimum and maximum engine speeds, the number of speeds in the transmission, the final drive ratio, and the size of the drive tires.


The user is then free to enter up to seven forward gear ratios.


Engine Speeds does not factor in tire pressures or tire growth, it can only illustrate the differences between static size tires.


Engine Speeds does not use torque or horsepower or aerodynamics or tire deflection to interpret actual speeds. But I believe it is a useful tool to compare final drives, tire sizes, and transmission ratios.



Version 1.69 25-Sep-05

First major release!!!

Nice installer program and everything works!


Version 1.73 09-Oct-05

New Windows help file; about 100K smaller download.

Changed the Gear Ratio chart so Upshift RPM is displayed before Minimum Speed.

Added Windows Calculator to Help menu.



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