April 2, 2004

Slotict’s Track Designs

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We will cut the foamcore into appropriate lengths and glue the walls to it.

We will have to make some modifications to the design because the foamcore is thicker than paper. We have two pieces of foamcore to build three outer walls. To create a corner we can partially cut through the foamcore and fold it.

Our plan includes a center wall to provide a surface for attaching the tracks for the overhead doors. We will have to allow for the thickness of a piece of foamcore when we join the two back walls. The plan also has a bit of decorative brick on the front of the building.


It’s a new day, put a new blade in your razor knife.


Let’s start with a side wall. Place one of the sides on the foamcore and mark the length with a pencil. Because we are going to fold the foamcore we have to measure back the thickness of the foamcore, 3/16” in this case. Slice through the top and then the foamcore. Don’t cut through the back of the foamcore.





From the floor plan we know that side 2 (with the door) is paired with the left side. Put side 2 on the foamcore and mark the length. Now we have to deduct our 3/16” again for the corner. But we also want to sandwich the center wall between the two back walls. Theoretically we should deduct 3/32” from each back wall, but I will deduct 1/16” from one wall and 2/16” from the other. The center wall will be off center by 1/32”. Cut the other foamcore the same for the sidewall, but 1/16” longer for the back wall.



 We are ready for some hot melt glue. Bend the foamcore at approximately 90* and apply a bead of glue. Don’t get too thick and stop short of each end. Stay a bit farther from the bottom than the top, as some glue will run down when you put the foam in the square. The glue will not hold the two sides solidly at 90*, but it will help when we apply the paper veneer.


Check the print for size. If you have to you can trim the foamcore a bit. Apply paste from a glue stick over the entire surface. Be sure the edges are completely covered. Glue the pieces with side tabs on first. Align one tab with the foamcore around the corner. Be sure the bottom is aligned with the edge of the foamcore. If you are off a bit you can peel it off the paste and start over. When satisfied with the alignment rub the paper thoroughly to the foamcore.



Attach the side wall to the foamcore. Since this design has a brick façade we can’t just glue it flat on like the back wall. First paste the flap to the foamcore. Apply some white glue to the foam and spread it with a toothpick. Remove any excess.



Fold the wall onto the white glue. This will take a few minutes to set. After the glue sets we can paste the side wall to the foamcore with the glue stick.



Again be sure to align the bottom of the wall with the bottom of the foamcore. Small gaps at the top will not be noticeable when the roof is in place.



Here we have the two halves of the building.


Time for lunch J


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