April 2, 2004

Slotict’s Track Designs

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Next we will build the center wall. This was a piece of foamcore I had left over from another project so it is already painted. I cut it the length of the side wall. You can see from the bottom of the piece my blade was dull when I cut it lengthwise. I will use a new blade this time.


Lay the paper pattern on the foamcore, mark the width and cut it. This is not critical.

Cut another piece the correct height to support the “beam” and use the pattern to mark and cut the width of the front “column”.



The piece I have left is a bit wider then the rear column, and that is okay so I won’t trim it.

Use white glue and a toothpick to spread it and your square to align the pieces and assemble the center wall.



Sorry, the camera had a moment here…

The fit looks good.



Now we need a brick façade on the front.

I cut the beam and rear column from the paper walls and spent some time gluing the pieces together, but it didn’t turn out very well L



So I cut a piece of foamcore the width and height of the front. I cut a piece of paper to keep the angle on the sides of the façade.



Not the best, a bit more fitting should have been done on the backing, but it will be okay.



Whew. Time for a cerveza…


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