April 4, 2004

Slotictís Track Designs


Paper Buildings



Here are some of the buildings I made from plans on the Carrera4Fun website.


Kiosk. Paper glued onto a foamcore base. Shoebox-cardboard roof.


Garage. Paper glued to foamcore. Foamcore base and roof. Clock tower, tool boxes and vending machine are paper.


Press box. Paper glued to foamcore. Windows made from overhead transparency material. Basswood used for the railings and to strengthen the stairs. Paper glued to cardboard for the roof.


Tire Shop. Foamcore used for the base, walls, and roof. The angled front wall of the office is just paper.


Podium. Foamcore again used for the structure. Wood railings. Some wood trim. Slot.it pit babes.


Overview. My little city is coming along.