January 9, 2005

Slotictís Track Designs

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Layouts are designed in Scalextric Classic unless otherwise noted.

These designs are sorted according to the narrow side.

Click on a sample image on this page to bring you to an index containing all the designs for that table width.

Clicking an image on that index page will load the page that Tracker 2000 produces with a parts list, lane lengths, and assembly instructions.

Click on that page heading to download a zip file containing the same html instructions you are viewing and a Tracker 2000 file.

Naming Convention

Layouts are given a name followed by table size (longest side first) and then the shortest lane length (rounded down). If other than a 2-lane design the lane length will be followed by the number of lanes.

An example:

        elkhart_lake_16x8_64 is a 2 lane track that will fit on a 16 X 8 foot table and has two lanes, the shortest of which is 64 feet.

        elkhart_lake_16x8_66 is a variation which adds two more feet of lane length.

Another example:

        maxx_15x11_49x6 is a 49 foot 6 lane track.

        maxx_15x11_54x8 is an 8 lane design with 54 foot lane length.



3 feet wide

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20 feet and larger